Friday, May 6, 2016

Pep Talk: Patience is Key

Waiting is hard. Especially in a world of Zoom. Hurry. Sooner. Faster. Fastest. NOW. Immediate Results. Instant gratification. Wanting it all and to have all at once and now. The journey is half the lesson. Time is needed. Patience is key. Wait. Enjoy the process. The journey. Earn it. Make it worth the trouble. Enjoy the moment and the anticipation. Savory knowing what is to come. Acknowledge where you are coming from and how you got there. Be grateful for what you have been through. The lessons you learned. Think of the times you got something different from what you thought you wanted. Breath and be in the moment. Remember all the good that is on the way.  Be patient.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pep Talk: Listen with Love

Listen.  Listen with your ears.  Listen with your heart.  Listen openly.  Don’t pretend to listen while waiting for your turn to speak.  Don't wait for the silence to continue with your side of the story.  You want to be heard.  You want to be listened to.  Extend the same to others.  They want to be heard too.  Be present in the moment.  Wait.  Take a deep breath if you need to.  Care.  Listen fully.  Listen with compassion.  Listen with empathy.  Listen with love.  Repeat what you hear them say.  Nod.  You don’t need to agree but listening will help you understand.  Listen with the goal to understand.  Listen to learn.  Learn about someone else.  Listen to know them better.  They may not know why they did what they did or why they are upset.  Just the act of speaking and explaining and being heard can change everything.  We are so in our own heads and wrapped up in our own feels.  We are so stuck in the puddles of emotions we might not understand them ourselves till we let it all out.  Purge it.  Throw it at the wall and see what sticks.  Many of the things we say may have little to do with anything but the train of conciseness can lead to all sorts of discoveries.  Go along for the ride.  Listen.  It would be great if others could do more listening too but remember you can only control you.  Listen first then ask for some listening ears.